HMR Healthy Solutions: Take the guesswork out of losing weight
Losing weight doesn't have to be hard. HMR Healthy Solutions takes the guesswork out of losing weight through easy to follow food plans. All you have to remember is 3+2+5 - Three shakes, two entrees, and five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. And while most diet plans tell you to eat less, HMR Healthy Solutions encourages you to eat more HMR foods, fruits, and veggies to stay full! When asked how easy or hard the program is to follow, one of our HMR participants said: "Very easy. Easiest health program I've ever tried." 

Not only is the program easy, but it also works! HMR is ranked No. 1 for Fast Weight Loss by U.S. News & World Report Diet Rankings. Our participants who have completed at least 12 weeks of the program have lost an average of 31 lbs., which is a 12% reduction in body weight. They have also decreased their blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting blood glucose measurements. 

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