Honoring Choices

Honoring Choices is designed to help people through the process of advance care planning; helping you reflect upon, understand and have conversations about your goals, values and beliefs for future health care. You want to do this over the course of your life, starting when you are younger and healthier. 

INHS is now offering the community a free class to help walk you through the process of advance care planning. In this class we will help participants explore these questions: 

        1. Who will be your voice if you are unable to speak?
        2. What life-sustaining treatments would you want for yourself?
        3. What values shape your choices for treatment?
        4. What documents make your choices known to others?

Each participant will receive helpful handouts that they can take home to discuss and share with loved ones. 

To learn more about this class, and to register Click Here

Honoring Choices Facilitation 

If you are ready to have the conversation with a Certified Respecting Choices Facilitator, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation by clicking here

At the one hour appointment, we will walk you and your loved ones, or health care agent, through the conversation and help you create the plan that best meets your goals, values and beliefs. 

Need more information about Advance Care Planning? Visit Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest

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