Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS) Community Wellness serves the broad geographic area of eastern Washington and northern Idaho. The region is dotted by small rural communities often with many miles between each. Thanks to innovative use of INHS’ Northwest TeleHealth system, rural residents now have access to diabetes and pre-diabetes education.  

Heather Teshome When Heather Teshome signed up for CHER’s 6 month managing your health class, she said “it was the right time for me.” After several years of feeling worse and worse she’d gotten a health issue under control but realized she needed to reclaim her overall health and well being. “I was at my

Renee Le Doux After Renee Le Doux was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she wanted to learn as much as possible to manage the disease. After researching different education options, she signed up for a four-class series through the CHER Diabetes Education Center. “I needed more knowledge and wanted all the kn

Two years ago, Toni Strong Bowers, INHS Finance, received some shocking news that warranted some medical attention.

Bret Whitesides, IRM patient care inquiry analyst, wasn’t happy with the direction his health had taken.

In February, St. Luke’s extended a challenge to its employees to participate in St. Luke’s Slim Down, a 90 day initiative with incentives for teams and individual success to encourage health improvement through weight loss.

Jennifer had been a birth coach for friends in the past, but when she got pregnant after nine years of trying, she and her husband Michael knew they wanted to be as prepared as possible for the

Carol Tratz found out she was pre diabetic and decided to stop the disease in its tracks. With the help of the O.C. Olsen Diabetes Education Center she is now on her way to doing just that.

Eugene BlankenshipAs a lifelong runner who has completed 13 marathons, Eugene Blankenship knows how to stay in shape. But after two knee injuries and subsequent surgeries, the 66 year old high school track and cross country coach stopped running for

When Barbara Tillson was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, her doctor wanted her to receive education about the disease and management. Instead of referring Tillson to the nearest patient educator over three hours away from her home in Republic, her doctor referred her to the CHER/O.C. Olson Diabetes Center and Northwest TeleHealth.

Ann Kinzer took advantage of one of the free skin cancer screenings CHER offers to the community, and found out the dermatologist had two areas of concern. It turned out she had a melanoma cancer on her ankle and

Only 15 years old when he started smoking, Barney Richardson had smoked for over 30 years when he joined the Quit and Win Challenge in the spring of 2007.

A light smoker on and off since she was 18 years old, Erynne Hallock, 30, had quit smoking many times before, only to start up again.

Debbie Clements With a strong sense of dedication and a goal in mind, Debbie Clements, with IRM, was determined to reach it. In 2004, after 10 years of living with Type 2 diabetes, Debbie knew it was time to make a change in her lifestyle health choices. After consulting with her doctor, Clements began Th

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