InBody and MedGem Tests

InBody 570 

    InBody 570 Image

The InBody 570 Machine (pictured right) is available for all INHS employees and community members. The machine uses bio-electrical impedance to give you a complete picture of your body composition; it measures the following with up to 99% accuracy:

  • Weight
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • BMI
  • Segmental Analysis - Measures each arm and leg as well as trunk independently
  • Body Water - Total Body Water - Intracellular Water - Extracellular Water
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Visceral Fat Score
  • Body Composition History of Last 8 Scans

Fasting is required. Be well prepared for your test by following these steps.

After the test, the machine will print your results (for a sample of the print out, click here). This print out shows an individual’s test results as well as information on body composition profiles, and can track your progress in improving lean body mass while reducing your percentage body fat.

One-time test: $20
Current Special: buy 3, get one free! Register for your first 3 appointments online, a discount code will be given to you at your third appointment.

Register here.

MedGem Calorimeter MedGem Image 

Find out how many calories your body uses per day with a simple MedGem test. The device (pictured right) is easy to use, providing measurements quickly and accurately. There is no blood work required, simply breathe into the device to determine your daily caloric needs. This is a perfect test for anyone trying to lose, maintain, or even gain weight. The test takes about 15 minutes and is followed by a 15 minute interpretation with a Registered Dietitian.

Fasting is required. Do not eat or drink anything other than water and prescription medication for 8 hours before your appointment. Register here. 

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