Monthly Webinars

These live, interactive webinars are provided monthly on a variety of health topics by varying hosts, including local experts. Click any of the links below to view past recordings.

Meal Planning & Prep Series

Week 1: Meal Prep Basics

Week 2: Breakfast

Week 3: Lunch and Snacks 

Week 4: Dinner and Desserts

Healthy Aging Series

50-Minute Healthy Aging Webinar

10-Minute Healthy Aging Series Introduction, to use with the following short videos:

Healthy Aging in Your 20's

Healthy Aging in Your 30's

Healthy Aging in Your 40's

Healthy Aging in Your 50's

Healthy Aging in Your 60's & Beyond


Diets - The Good, Bad & Ugly

Debunking Bro Science

Understanding Metabolism

Put Your Best Fork Forward

Does Dieting Work, or Not?

Physical Activity

Exercise as Medicine

The Secret Behind Fitness

Yoga Class #1

Yoga Class #2

Yoga Class #3

Mental Health

The Ins and Outs of Mental Health

Personal Identity and Self-Esteem

Improve Your Life With Gratitude

Preventing and Treating Anxiety Disorders

Thriving Through Challenges

Making Mindfulness Work for You

Goal Achievement

Setting and Achieving Meaningful Life Goals

Going Rogue: Making this Year Better than Last

Heart Health

Under Pressure: Improving Heart Health

A Healthy Start to a Healthy Heart

Financial Wellness

Budgeting 101

Make Your Financial Dreams Come True

Finding Financial Freedom

Stress Management

Lower Your Stress by Moving Your Cheese

Taking Charge, Managing Stress for Life

Reduce Stress with Mindfulness and Breath

Emotional and Physical Effects of Stress

Relationship Improvement

Dealing with Negativity in the Workplace

The Benefits of Communicating Assertively

Improving Relationships


How to Get Started in Leading a More Organized Life

Taking Charge of Your Health Care

Weatherize Your Home

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