Health Coaching

Wellness AdvisingMost of us won't change our unhealthy lifestyle behaviors on our own, because it’s hard. Even when we are successful at making a healthy change it’s very easy to revert back to old habits when stressful situations or other triggers occur.  

So, how do you make change that will truly last? Repeating a behavior long enough that it becomes a habit is the best place to start. It takes repetition and a lot of support to “re-wire” the brain and to permanently kick old habits. Many people start this personal change process, but they often get discouraged and give up. Wellness Advising helps people maintain change and make a concrete, conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle.  

A Health Coach can be effective in working with those who are experiencing health challenges or health related illnesses. Health Coaches empower their clients to follow the lifestyle prescription their physicians and health care team want them to follow. Health Coaching is a series of conversations, discussions, and interactions between a coach and client intended to bring about the client’s best thinking and decision making to create and accomplish real and sustained improvement in lifestyle behaviors such as weight loss, smoking cessation, or a sedentary lifestyle. 

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