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Improving productivity, reducing absenteeism, decreasing health care costs, and retaining employees are some of the largest challenges employers face today.

The comprehensive wellness program developed by Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS) provides innovative solutions to meet the individual needs of businesses for both large and small employers.  Customized service packages provide businesses the freedom to create complete, cost effective wellness programs for their employees, while maintaining the organization’s unique environment and culture.

The collaborative team at INHS of certified health educators and health coaches, registered nurses, registered dietitians, and certified diabetes educators, work together to address employer needs and meet the health care needs of employees. Improving the overall health and wellness of an organization and decreasing health care costs is our primary focus.

From an initial consultation and evaluation of the work environment to exploring individual needs of our business partners, INHS uses a hands-on approach to develop a customized solution to address the health issues of each organization and its employees.

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Why INHS? 

  • All services are provided by a knowledgeable staff of registered nurses, registered dietitians, certified health coaches, and health educators.
  • Biometric screening results are instant, providing the employee immediate feedback, followed by a consultation from one of our team.
  • Comprehensive wellness reports highlighting key risk areas with action steps to improve wellness culture are provided to the employer.
  • Competitive and affordable pricing.
  • Working with a regional company supports the local economy.
  • Local services available following the screenings to help employees modify any risk factors and to encourage behavior change.

INHS believes employees are a company’s most valuable asset and provides a complete, cost effective and timely solution for employers interested in maintaining and improving employee health.

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