Health and Wellness Services

Biometric Health ScreeningsIndividual employee biometric measurements are taken to provide an aggregate view of the health of the employee population. Tests include: total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood glucose, blood pressure, BMI, waist circumference, and bone density. An aggregate data report based on employee results is provided to the employer, along with recommendations to improve employee wellness.

Health Coaching: It can be difficult to take that next step toward achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Health coaching starts with a one-on-one, in-person consultation with one of our expert coaches. Staff members work with individuals to set goals, develop a step-by-step plan, and monitor and support changes in lifestyle.

Nutrition Education and Weight Loss Programs:  Nutrition services are provided by dietitian nutritionists with certificates in weight management. A comprehensive nutrition program can include a group weight loss program titled “Make Your Calories Count”, short one-on-one dietitian consults, cooking demonstrations, seminars, educational material to distribute, and more.

Comprehensive Diabetes Services: INHS's American Diabetes Association Accredited program offers complete diabetes-related services to include prevention and management education as well as testing for prevention and treatment of diabetes. Staffed by registered nurses, registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators. Insurance often covers the cost of this service.   

Tobacco Cessation: Classes are provided at the workplace and are designed to provide prevention and cessation education to a group.

Healthy Cooking Classes: Provided at the workplace. Registered Dietitians demonstrate how to easily prepare nutrient dense meals for busy families, read food labels, and determine appropriate servings sizes. Contact us for more information. To view recipes used in previous demonstrations, click here.

Licensed Massage: Massage therapy can be provided by our licensed massage practitioners conveniently on location or at the INHS Community Wellness Center. With massage chair and table options available, appointment times can be tailored to meet individual or organizational needs, contact us for more information.

Educational Presentations and Seminars: INHS experts provide educational presentations on a variety of topics. Examples include: cooking classes, stress management, CPR & first aid, and nutrition label reading. Staff is available to accommodate individual needs, click here to contact us.

MedGem Testing: The MedGem is an FDA approved, hand held indirect calorimeter. The test takes the "guess work" out of determining a persons caloric needs to maintain or lose weight and is often used in conjunction with health coaching.

Wellness Policy Implementation: INHS will assist the employer in creating policies to ensure worksites support a wellness culture, enabling employees to make healthy choices. Please contact us for more information.

Employee Interest Survey: A survey of the employees’ attitudes toward health and wellness programs and activities. Information provided includes, but is not limited to, health care topics, communication methods, and incentive options of interest to employees. Please contact us for more information. 

Consulting Services: Services are designed to provide assistance where needed for health and wellness programs, including designing wellness programs, developing employee health incentive plans, analyzing existing programs, and making recommendations to help employers keep costs to a minimum. Staff is available to accommodate individual needs, click here to contact us.


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