Biometric Health Screenings

For employers and individuals alike the first step in making meaningful changes in health is knowing your risks.

INHS provides biometric screenings for individuals in a confidential setting. Participants are given immediate results at time of screening. Screenings can take place at a workplace or at the INHS Community Wellness Center. Organizations who purchase biometric screenings are provided with an aggregate report of findings including a summary of the factors, metabolic risks, and demographic information. INHS offers the following biometric screenings:

  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Glucose / A1c
  • Height / Weight / BMI
  • Waist Circumference
  • Blood Pressure

Screenings take approximately 10-15 minutes and require just a finger stick blood sample. Results are given to the individual at the time of the screening, along with the follow-up recommendations. All biometric screenings are performed by INHS Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Medical Assistants (MA-R). 

For more information download our Biometric Screening One Sheet or click here to fill out a request for Biometric Health Screenings at your location. 

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